Furnishing state-of-the-art equipment and services for events is what we do. We offer an industry-leading range of products to cover all requirements from full staging to all the little pieces of equipment that make events work.

So we can provide full stages, rigging towers, canopies, ramps, steps, gantries, lifts, control barriers, delay towers, with both modular and custom elements, everything you need to support any size stage.


A large majority of our overlay solutions are based on the internationally renowned ModTruss  scaffold of which we hold the largest rental stock on the West Coast.  Its modular nature and connection system means it is extremely adaptable to a multitude of applications and can be installed in considerably less time than traditional scaffolding.

As a fully engineered product with a comprehensive range of components and modular configurations, ModTruss scaffolding can reduce assembly times and labor costs while offering maximum flexibility and compliancy with all relevant regulations.

We also have a range of complementary products to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the product to suit a wider range of event applications, from simple back of house access solutions through to premium VIP installations.

Here are a few of our stage and scaffolding offerings:

  • Stageright Premium Deck Solutions
  • Etobicoke Aluminum and Steel In-bed Scaffolding
  • Turf Friendly Rolling Stage
  • Bridges & Truss System (Mod Truss)
  • Camera Sports Seats
  • Interview Stands

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