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Leave it to us. We provide personalized, professional event management services. Our experienced staff of specialists are ready to assist with your planning, onsite, and post-event needs anywhere in the U.S.

Event Management

Why Noel Lesley

Successful events begin with strategic event planning. Determining how your event will bring your vision to life is a top priority. We begin every client relationship with an initial consultation, bringing our professional team of event planners to evaluate and discuss your goals.
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Experienced Staff

Experienced Staff

Noel Lesley’s event management services team works with private gatherings and national events. From large to small, we have decades of experience coordinating events and bringing our clients’ vision to life.
Experienced Staff

Everything you need

Tables, chairs, tents, and more—whatever you need to make your event right, we’ve got it. Our equipment is delivered clean, in impeccable condition, and ready for your use.


Contract Management

Noel Lesley manages events, both large and small. From pre-event planning to the successful completion of your event, we focus on providing excellent service and products while ensuring customer service and satisfaction.

Pre-planning and coordination are essential to delivering a successful event. Noel Lesley will work with the client on job parameters and scope, determining the best course of action, how best to work with the venue, and partner with the right contractors and vendors.

All events are dynamic.  An effective schedule is critical to communicating information to our team as well as our clients.

Noel Lesley works with clients to assist with regulatory compliance. We provide expertise on the permit application process, execution of necessary permits, code compliance, and working with authorities having jurisdiction.

Noel Lesley will strive to procure all required and/or requested assets necessary to fulfill the client’s event needs through an efficient and effective process. Procurement may include subcontractors, sub-rentals and product acquisition.

It is our goal to always deliver accurate, timely and transparent cost information to our clients.

Construction Management

The Noel Lesley team efficiently handles decision-making, deliveries, installations, inspection and maintenance schedules, and collaboration with our clients and all stakeholders. Our goal is transparency in all efforts, all relationships, and at all levels.

Noel Lesley has the means and facilities to build your event. Whether prefabricating custom items at our facility or onsite construction services, our team has the expertise.

From pre-event planning to post-event restoration, Noel Lesley works with all venue stakeholders to deliver on client expectations.

Beginning with a site review, Noel Lesley managers develop a detailed event and venue logistics plan and schedule.

When your event is over, we will restore your space to pre-event condition.

Commodity Management and Event Logistics

Noel Lesley works closely with clients on larger events to develop a systematic approach to the entire usage cycle for everything needed during and after the event: temporary tents or structures, flooring, temporary facilities, platforms & scaffolding, temporary security fencing & barriers, vehicle & equipment rentals, cleaning, waste & recycling management, temporary bathrooms, electrical generation and distribution and cable pathways. Noel Lesley management ensures a successful event for all involved, from client to patron.

Noel Lesley has an extensive inventory of tents and clearspan structures to meet a variety of client needs and budgets.

Noel Lesley works with venue providers and national suppliers to secure client requirements for temporary office space.

Noel Lesley has professional expertise in all aspects of building scaffold platforms, stages, and much more, both small and large for sporting events, concerts, theatrical and television productions, broadcasting, trade shows and displays.  We carry a significant inventory of ModTruss, Etobicoke and StageRight products.

If a venue or event requires security perimeter fencing, crowd control or barriers, Noel Lesley has the inventory and knowledge to install onsite.  For larger events, we have the resources to work with area vendors to make sure the grounds are safe and secure.

Noel Lesley maintains a fleet of vehicles including several golf and utility carts for onsite patron and equipment transportation.  For larger events, we have long-term, established relationships with national vendors that supply carts, trucks, heavy equipment and more.

Noel Lesley has the logistics experience to keep venues well maintained and sanitary before, during and after events.  Our vendor relationships ensure that we leave the venue in pre-event condition.

Temporary restroom facilities are a necessity at most events and venues, including existing arenas and stadiums where the attendance can increase greatly for the build out and during high-profile events. Noel Lesley will coordinate and partner with the client, venue and local vendors to provide the appropriate facilities.

Noel Lesley has an extensive inventory of electrical generation and distribution equipment. In addition, we have existing relationships with national providers. Noel Lesley’s expertise ensures a reliably powered event or function.

Cable Path installation/support requires a significant amount of coordination with the all stakeholders, vendors and venue personnel. Understanding the integration of all cable types and locations is imperative. Noel Lesley has the expertise to coordinate and manage this process to minimize the impact to the venue.

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