It’s with great pleasure that I recommend Noel Lesley Event Services.  I was very impressed by their knowledge of big events and their willingness to help, no matter the situation.  Whatever your need they are able to come up with the product and a solution in no time at all.  Carolyn Lesley and her professional staff are personable, helpful and accommodating.  All deadlines were met and the quality exceeded expectation.

Bob McGaha – CBS Sports

I have worked with Noel Lesley Event Services for nearly two decades and have developed a high level of trust and confidence in their team. From working with Lori on the orders over the phone, to Edgar and his crew on-site, and with Carolyn on vision and big ideas, they all bring a sense of problem-solving in helping to achieve my goals. I simply could not do what I do as an event planner without them. When they are on-site I know I can count on them to help me with any challenges that arise. And I know they will do things right the first time. They do not cut corners with safety and always keep an eye on tents in any kind of weather. Events are fluid and I need people that can think on their feet and respond quickly. The NLES team aims to please and is a great asset to me, and the organizations that I work with and represent.

Kimberly Hicks – RSVP Event Group Owner

As a long time vendor to Noel Lesley Event Services, Aggreko has always enjoyed our working relationship. Over the past three decades, we have worked side by side on numerous projects and 29 Super Bowls projects. NLES always does an excellent job… meeting deadlines, and providing vendors detailed instruction on how to get the job done successfully.

David Prince – Aggreko

We have used Noel Lesley Event Services several times and have been very pleased. The quality of the tents we rented were great; the staff putting up our tents was courteous and very quick. The pricing very competitive and they were very easy to work with.

Giff Gates – Gates Furniture, Grants Pass, Oregon

Noel Lesley provided clear communication and transparency regarding performance expectations.  Their team incorporated us in daily activities focusing on efficiency and productivity, enabling our teams to come together and produce a successful outcome.  When any unforeseen changes arose, their team quickly communicated and executed a plan to accommodate.

Chuck Caruthers – Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Penwell & Lowenberg Design (penny and lulu studio florist and events) has been working with Noel Lesley Event Service for over 25 years. Many of our first events were with Noel – a man we adored! Carolyn has continued with his impeccable service and quality.
We can always count on NLES to be professional, accurate and their equipment/rentals are always in top condition. We feel very very lucky to have NLES in Southern Oregon.

Susie Penwell & Carol Lowenberg

I wanted you to know that your people are some of the best that I have ever worked with.  Their attention to our needs has been superb.

Roche – NBC Sports

Noel Lesley Event Services is a strong partner and committed advocate of the NFL Business Connect program.  Under Carolyn Lesley’s leadership, the team has worked aggressively to identify contract opportunities for local diverse businesses in Super Bowl markets.  What makes Noel Lesley’s team stand out among NFL Super Bowl contractors is the team’s conscious effort to utilize Business Connect vendors throughout their full scope of work which allows diverse vendors within the local market access to larger, more substantial contracts with Super Bowl.
Noel Lesley’s team was one of the first in the NFL contracting group to sit down with the Business Connect team to go over their activation needs, detail specific vendor requirements and update timelines for releasing and responding to their RFPs.  These annual meetings allow Business Connect to better source specific services for the Noel Lesley team and to recommend vendors with capabilities that more closely match their needs.
Carolyn and her team are also active supporters of Business Connects’ professional development workshop series having served as speakers and panelists, offering examples of best practices for subcontractors and providing ‘insider tips’ on effectively working through the NFL procurement process.
Noel Lesley’s participation in the NFL Business Connect program plays a significant role in our ability to exceed the community impact benchmarks we set each year.  We are proud to work with Noel Lesley Event Services.

B.J. Waymer – NFL Business Connect

I have worked with Carolyn Lesley from Noel Lesley Event Services, Inc. during the months that lead to Super Bowl LI in Houston, TX. We spent considerable time planning equipment needs and the logistics behind it. Carolyn and her team handled all the hard tasks and made them look easy. Safety, quality and delivery were the highest priorities for the Noel Lesley team. We had very effective communication with information flowing freely and getting to those who need it in a timely manner. The Noel Lesley team always had a positive attitude and we enjoyed working with them. As a vendor for the events industry, my experience with them was outstanding. It is with a great pleasure that I recommend them and would love to work with them again.

Hely Alsalhi – Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Williams Scotsman has been working with Noel Lesley around the country for a number of years on the annual NFL Super Bowl project.  This year we were fortunate to have the event in Atlanta, giving my staff and me the opportunity to work closely with the Noel Lesley team for the better part of 9 months.
A project with the scale and scope of the Super Bowl poses its share of challenges throughout all phases, and in order for everything to run smoothly, thorough pre-planning is essential.  One of the most impressive takeaways with this year’s Super Bowl was how active Noel Lesley was in the pre-planning process with the many vendors that support the Super Bowl, the pre-planning process was one of the most organized and collaborative that my team has ever been a part of.  Areas of risk were identified early in the process, giving my team time to prepare solutions that would not only meet the needs of Noel Lesley & the NFL, but were also in line with the budget.
The mobilization of a project of this size has a lot of moving parts, and timely execution in critical.
Throughout the mobilization phase of the project, Noel Lesley and WillScot were in constant daily communication.  Noel Lesley’s dedicated project managers ensured that we had access to a decision maker at all times, which was critical for us to be able to meet (and beat) our installation and demobilization deadlines.  In order for the Super Bowl to be successful for the vendor, communication in the moment has to be fast and effective.  With as many vendors and job sites that Noel Lesley was working with throughout the project, the lines of communication were always open, and the Noel Lesley ground team worked closely with us as we worked through any issues that surfaced.
In order to make the Super Bowl a successful event for everyone involved, we have to stay on schedule and we have to come in on budget.  Because the Noel Lesley ground team is approachable and empowered to make decisions, we worked through any issues immediately, and as a result we were able to finish ahead of schedule.  By identifying pain points and areas for potential cost overruns early in the pre-planning process, we were also able to stay on budget throughout the project.
At the end of the day, to execute a well-run project of this size, our teams literally worked side-by-side, 7 days a week, for weeks at a time.  Noel Lesley’s staff is professional, approachable, and they absolutely hold their vendors accountable to their commitments.  But you’d expect that from an organization that has so much expertise in this arena.  What was really refreshing was that after spending all of that time together working long days in a stressful and sometimes chaotic environment, our teams truly enjoyed working together, overcoming challenges as they arose, and collaborating to identify ways to improve the process in future collaborations.
We look forward to working with Noel Lesley to deliver excellence to our customers on future projects.

Brandon Graf – General Manager, Williams Scotsman, Inc.

(GA, TN, AL, North Florida)

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley has been using Noel Lesley services for 15+ years. We could not be happier with their level of expertise, from the Great Prices to the professional staff from beginning to end. As a Special Events Director it is so wonderful to work with such a professional staff, no matter if it is the ordering process or delivery and set-up/take down, each and every employee is a joy to work with! I look forward to it each year!

Renee Ludwig – Special Events Director

I want to take the time to personally thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your team on Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta, GA.  It was a great experience for our team to work with such a professional organization.  The level of professionalism exhibited by your team, from our first meeting in September to final billing in February, was extraordinary.
Our team was exposed to many new job site management requirements and your team walked us through those requirements with skillful preparation and a good measure of patience.
As with any event of this magnitude there were changes and challenges that needed to be met by all parties involved.  These challenges were always handled professionally and without emotions.
From the beginning we felt like a part of your organization, not just another vendor.  The complete experience for our team was a great value in every aspect.  Thank you and your organization for the memorable experience.  We look forward to working with Noel Lesley Events in the near future.

Mike Holland – President, Chattanooga Tent Company

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