Dance Floors + Temporary Flooring & Fencing

Staging and temporary flooring are frequently needed for a variety of special events, including conferences, fundraisers, weddings, kids’ parties, fashion shows, and anniversary parties. In fact, you may need to add these items to your plans for any function that features public speaking, live performances, or dancing.

When top-quality staging and flooring are required we’re the perfect solution. From dance floor rentals to red carpet runners to Astroturf for barefoot friendly parties, Noel Lesley offers flooring and stage equipment to help set the mood at your venue. Pool in the way? Don’t worry, we rent over-pool dance floors and other specialty flooring options, too.


  • Dance floors
  • Custom wood floors
  • Terra Plas
  • Ultra Deck
  • Astroturf
  • Carpet


  • White picket fence
  • Chain link fence
  • Fence Scrim
  • Bike Barricade

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